The Shrimp Farm was created in an effort to provide people with a local food solution for their shrimps. We have designed each of our products with one goal in mind: “Deliver the best to your little ones”. Our hand-selected ingredients are all fresh, free from pollutants, pesticides and mostly organic. We do not use chemical dyes or fillers or preservatives.

Our ingredients have been selected after years of development from our local breeding tanks. Each of the ingredients was tested one by one and retained for their apparent benefits and increased activity within the colonies.

Our special blends: “Buffet complet” and “Mélange Maison” contain everything your shrimps needs for a powerful immune system, vibrant colors and higher reproduction rate. Indeed, our studies have shown that the combined use of  “Buffet complet” , “Mélange Maison” , “Poudre À bébés” and “Pollen d’abeilles” considerably increases the reproduction rate of females and the survival rate of newborns .


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